Kit de limpieza BWC para armas cortas #41632


GS. 250.000


Cantidad El kit de pistola incluye 13 piezas de limpieza.
Utilidad Componentes integrales de limpieza de armas de fuego
Extras Estuche rígido reutilizable con bandeja de organización


Birchwood Casey Handgun Cleaning Kit includes: 4 Brass jags (.22 cal., .357/9mm, .40/10mm, .45/.410 cal.), 2 Brass Rod Sections, 1 Cleaning Handle, 4 Bore Brushes, 1 Patch Holder and 1 Muzzle Guard. This handgun cleaning kit has all the tools you need to keep your handguns at its highest level. It features cleaning accessories of today’s most popular calibers. All come packed in an organized carrying case.